Congestive Heart Failure outcomes, as well as other condition-specific outcomes, continue to be a challenge that many hospitals and providers try to overcome, both for their patient’s safety and to adhere to quality standards. The solution to this is clearly more guidance, greater visibility into the patient’s behavior and timely interventions. Doctella leverages wearable technology, device integration, intelligent pathways with real-time alerts for providers, and research-based protocols to tackle readmissions and mortality rates while at the same time, saving staff time by off-loading phone calls, last-minute crunches, and voicemail tag.

Chris Paine, Doctella’s Head of Implementation, recently hosted a webinar on this very topic. There were a lot of great questions answered including…

  • Have any insurance providers agreed to subsidize/pay for Doctella’s use fees?
  • Does Doctella support devices other than Apple devices?
  • Besides Congestive Heart Failure, are there any ongoing trials for other conditions such as cancer treatment?
  • What outcomes/benefits does Doctella measure/highlight?
  • How are co-morbidity conditions represented in a Doctella CareProgram, e.g. Congestive Heart Failure and asthma?
  • Does Doctella have an illustrative example for patient satisfaction aside from Press Ganey which can be very noisy?
  • Is Doctella HIPAA compliant?

To view the webinar recording and hear the answers to these questions, click below:

View Webinar Recording