Image from Patient Engagement HIT website


Doctella Co-founder, Dr. Peter Pronovost, discusses the story behind Doctella in an article titled, “How Patient Safety Factors into the Patient Experience Puzzle” recently published in Patient Engagement HIT.

Pronovost is one of the leading experts in patient safety and quality improvement.  He currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins and is the Director of the Armstrong Institute. Pronovost wasn’t always known as the patient safety expert. Rewind to more than a dozen years ago, he was working in an ICU at a time when hospital acquired infections were at their peak. Doctors didn’t want to cause harm to patients, but that was exactly what was happening.

Pronovost’s aspiration to eliminate preventable harm ignited upon meeting Sorrel King, mother of Josie King, an 18-month old taken off life support while in her mother’s arms. Tragically, Josie had suffered from severe burns from a bathtub accident and while in the hospital she acquired a bloodstream infection from her central line catheter. At that point Pronovost realized that patient harm doesn’t have to be inevitable. Patients come to doctors to get better and we shouldn’t accept anything less than that. Pronovost made a promise to Sorrel that day to make patient care better and he kept that promise. With a simple checklist, Pronovost reduced central line infections by over 60% across the US, as well as Spain, Abu Dhabi, Peru and Pakistan.

Pronovost’s simple paper checklist undoubtedly transformed patient care. He has proven time and again that safety checklists in the hands of physicians are effective, now it is time to put the same solution in the hands of patients with his new modernized digital tool, Doctella. Doctella’s Smartlists, the smart checklist company, gives patients access to the care they need when they need it. Doctella’s patient engagement platform gives patients a voice in their own care. A key component that has been underserved for far too long. Visit for more information about the new digital checklists.