We all know that good communication with your doctor leads to better, safer care. Unfortunately, time is limited when you visit your doctor, that’s why it is so important to be prepared with questions to ask before you go. Your role in your care is just as important as the care you receive. Providing enough information and asking the right questions will build strong doctor-patient relationships which lead to quality care and satisfaction.  Doctella Co-Founder, Dr. Peter Pronovost, opens up in the Robb Report about how patients can get the most out of their next appointment by asking these three questions:

1.  How many times has this surgeon or hospital performed the procedure?
2.  Is the intensive care unit staffed with doctors who are specially trained to care for critically ill patients?
3.  Does the surgeon invite conversations about goals, treatment options, and preferences?
Find out how your doctor should be responding to these questions by reading the full article here. 

About Doctella:
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