Image from New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst website


Doctella Co-founders, Drs. Peter Pronovost and Adil Haider, and Doctella Founding Team Member, Dr. Asad Latif, recently teamed up to discuss how checklists for patients can become the new standard in care in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst titled, “Smartlists for Patients: The Next Frontier for Engagement?”

Dr. Peter Pronovost is a world renowned leader in patient safety and a pioneer in the development of an evidence-based checklist to virtually eliminate infections associated with central catheters. Since then, checklists have flooded the medical field further proving their worth in improving the quality of patient care. Drs. Pronovost, Haider and Latif among with others have collaborated to take the paper checklist to the next level, putting digital checklists in the hands of patients by way of a web and mobile platform.

Doctella’s patient-centered checklists are designed to improve communication between patients and their providers. The new interactive checklists or “Smartlists” are helping patients to feel confident, informed and it gives them a voice in their own medical care. To learn more about how Doctella is becoming the next frontier in patient engagement through Smartchecklist technology visit our website at