Below is our value proposition for employers. We are getting excellent feedback from employers and look forward to close some deals.

Leapfrog Group a leading non-profit organization made up of large employers and other healthcare purchasers helps calculate the costs of adverse events. Based on Leapfrog’s calculation, the financial impact of adverse events on employers can be as high as $9000/hospital admission. Based on average hospital inpatient admissions and variance between hospital quality, the adverse event surcharge or wasted expense for 10,000 employees can be as high as $7.8M.

Doctella offers employers a simple way to reduce medical errors by using proven concepts. Doctella co-founders include Peter Pronovost MD, PhD who received a MacArthur genius award for demonstrating the use of checklists in the ICU. Noted surgeon-writer, Atul Gawande wrote: “Pronovost’s work has already saved more lives than that of any laboratory scientist in the past decade.” Doctella builds upon this foundation and further innovates by bringing checklists directly to patients. A published study of 2100 surveyed patients, 91% reported feeling that they could prevent medical errors occurring in hospitals, and 98% felt that hospitals should educate patients about preventing errors. With Doctella employers can provide their employees and their families with an easy to use mobile and web content.

Below are some white papers for your reference

1. Foundational white paper with survey of evidence that references 50+ papers to show that increased patient engagement and technology can improve safety and reduce costs

2. Visionary white paper, Help Me Help You outlines the vision of using patients and families as a second pair of eyes and ears

About Doctella:
Doctella is a cloud-based, SaaS electronic patient and family engagement platform that is designed to reduce medical errors, improve patient satisfaction and lower costs.  Each year an estimated 400,00 people die and $30B is wasted due to preventable medical errors. The financial burden of medical errors costs employers an estimated $7.8M per 10,000 employees. Doctella is created by medical experts from Johns Hopkins, patient advocates and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. is operated and owned by Patient Doctor Technologies, Inc. and is headquartered in Silicon Valley. The company has a content team in Baltimore that works closely with Johns Hopkins faculty through its content license with Johns Hopkins. Doctella is free to use for patients. See to start your journey to better, safer care.