Earlier this year we had the privilege to present our ideas to Senior U.S. Healthcare Leaders at the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) Roundtable meeting on Value and Science-Driven Health Care in Washington, DC. The IOM Roundtable meeting brings together leaders from across the healthcare industry that share a common goal of changing the roles for patients, families and the public. This session considered the challenges and breakthrough opportunities for acceleration of health information interoperability. A key area of discussion was the perspectives of the health data industry and startups with a focus on the barriers faced as well as opportunities for progress.
Doctella presented the idea that using proven industry collaboration frameworks like open source can potentially accelerate interoperability. To help us show support for new ideas we were joined by leaders from Salesforce, Intel, Microsoft, Data Fascia, Life Image and Johns Hopkins.  To see the full presentation check out the video link below.

PowerPoint Presentation Link for Project Onera