Welcome To the Patient Passport 

Demo Post

 This post is intended for hospitals and organizations that are interested in understanding how to use 
the electronic version of the NQF Patient Passport to improve patient engagement and patient security.

Below is a recording of the PfP webcast from Sept 23, 2014
Passport Related Presenters:
1. Rachel Weissburg, NQF @ 2:20 mins
2. Libby Hoy, Action Team member @5:00 mins
3. Amer Haider, Doctella.com @ 15.00 mins
4. DEMO of Mobile and Web Passport @ 19:20 mins
5. Sorrel King, Josie King Foundation @ 26:30 mins
Click here to learn how you can start using the Patient Passport today in your hospital for free with mobile and web support.
Below is the mini Patient Passport that you can download, print and put in your waiting rooms to activate patients. Sign-up on the form on this page to get analytics that you can use for reporting and analysis.

If you would like to see procedure-specific waiting room checklists CLICK HERE