More than a decade ago, a team of Johns Hopkins safety and quality scholars began meeting in a small office building along the Baltimore waterfront to discuss their research ideas. Physicians, nurses, a psychologist, economists, public health researchers and others would describe their goals, and then see how they could help one another to achieve them. We called this approach the “mixing bowl,” and it led to many published articles, not to mention numerous projects that saved patients’ lives and reduced suffering.

As time went on, professionals from more and more disciplines and backgrounds recognized that they could contribute to the cause. Human-factors engineers, systems engineers, medical sociologists, clinical analytics experts, performance improvement specialists and others joined the team, which in 2011 became the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. 

This post is from Dr. Peter Pronovost, Senior Vice President for Patient Safety and Quality at Johns Hopkins Medicine and Co-founder of Doctella. This is an excerpt reposted from his blog, Voices for Safer Care. Please visit his website to read the full article.