This month, the National Quality Forum is promoting the work of the Patient and Family Engagement Action Team, funded by the Partnership for Patients, which concluded in October, and produced the Patient Passport. Doctella is the only technology company that has adapted the Passport into a web and mobile platform to make it available to any patient with a web browser or smartphone device.

Rather than being active drivers of their own care, patients often react to what is going on around them while in the hospital – usually because of the complexity of the system, and because hospitals are, unfortunately, not always designed to truly put the patient first. The Patient Passport is a communications tool for patients to use while in the hospital – from admission to discharge – to help them express their needs, preferences, and choices. It helps patients think ahead and plan for their hospital stay, be an active advocate for their own safety and decisions while in the hospital, and plan for their recovery and going home. It does not try and replace conversation; rather, it tries to start conversation between the patient and every hospital staff member he or she encounters – whether it’s the triage nurse, the bedside nurse, or the attending physician – to have precise, meaningful encounters.

The strength of the Passport is in large part due to the Action Team that created it. The National Quality Forum is a non-partisan, non-profit membership organization that consists of diverse stakeholders from all across the healthcare spectrum. The Patient and Family Engagement Action Team included patients, family advocates, physicians, nurses, hospitals, a social worker, a purchaser, a payer, and expertise in areas such as community transitions, IT, and pediatric quality – from all across the country – large and small organizations, rural and urban. It was led by two outstanding co-chairs – Susan Frampton, President of Planetree, and Pat Mastors, President and Founder of the Patient Voice Institute.

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