Mobile technology is fundamentally transforming the way health care is being delivered to patients. Consumers are no longer reliant on their doctor controlling all of their information. As I write this post all I can think of is the classic Seinfeld episode of Dr. Stern not allowing Elaine to see her chart, instead he labels her as a difficult patient. Today’s doctor and patient communication has come along. Doctors are no longer the gatekeepers to health data. Patients and families are more involved than ever in their own care. We are now equipped with patient portals to share test results and have the simple ability to message your doctor with non-urgent health questions. Access has become the key to attracting and retaining patients. Patients want convenient and user-friendly technology that will save them time and money.

A recent article published in Health Data Management by Greg Slabodkin is validating this transformation. The article states that 80 percent of the US adult population now owns Smartphones. Is that number enough to shift the power from physicians to patients? The answer is yes! It is already happening. Doctella is at the forefront of delivering your care to your Smartphone. Doctella has created smart checklists, called Smartlists™, to provide a new, modern and interoperable way for doctors, nurses and care managers to structure and deliver interactive education and checklists to patients and families via a secure web and mobile interface. Doctella Smartlist templates are customizable by the doctor and clinic so patients receive the exact information they need. To learn more about how you can become a partner in your own care, visit us at