We are very excited that Nicole Latimer, President of Staywell, introduced the new Krames Health Engagement Platform powered by Doctella in a recent webinar. Since its founding in 1974 Krames has been one of the most respected patient education companies with over 2000 hospitals customers. Staywell and Krames merged together a couple years ago to offer a unique combination of patient education for associations, payers and providers for the sole purpose of improving health outcomes. We are extremely excited to the be the technology platform behind the new Krames Health Engagement Platform. Working with Krames we will help providers realize the promise of EMRs by unlocking care plans and knowledge unavailable to patients today because of weak patient-facing active content and technology. It is amazing that patients need to rely on 2-3 pieces of printed instructions and a voicemail from a nurse to engage in their care. With the new Krames platform, printed instructions will just be the beginning of patient engagement.

The webinar that can be viewed here demonstrates how the new platform delivers patient education like never before. Now providers can deliver customized instructions across the entire continuum of care with shared decision making and active alerts and reminders in one single account. The new platform enables providers to track patient and family participation and how they are using, understanding and complying with their care plan. Doctella’s Sr. Vice President of Implementation, Dr. Gary Grossfeld and I also joined the webinar to discuss how the new platform improves the patient experience through our unique Smartlist ™ content framework and secure technology.

About Doctella:
Doctella.com is a digital health startup founded
at Johns Hopkins by Dr. Peter Pronovost, Dr. Adil Haider and Amer Haider. The platform is being used at Johns Hopkins and at other leading institutions. Doctella’s patient-centered platform is designed to improve the culture and communication process between physicians and patients. To get more information on how you can start your journey to better, safer care visit our website at www.Doctella.com

Written By Amer Haider, President & CEO of Doctella