I (Amer) had the privilege to participate in the IOM Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care. 

Below are my comments to the group.

link to meeting materials

Hello, I am new to this group so allow me to provide a brief introduction. My name is Amer Haider. I am the cofounder of a patient engagement focused startup based in silicon valley. I have a background in technology. Personal circumstances drove me to leap into the vast and rewarding healthcare space  [edited for this blog]
I would like to provide context for the far reaching impact of your work. I see your work critical to the future of all healthcare. Here you are focused on enabling research but I believe that what you are doing will define and drive the basis for the future healthcare market. 
The researchers building ARPANET in 1960s did not think that their network to connect 4 research sites will become the basis of the Internet and cloud. The genius of the creators of ARPAnet is that they provided an infrastructure that allowed growth. 
I would like to share an analogy that will hopefully provide a simple reference for the leaders in this room. 
For ground transportation there are two big infrastructure standards that have propelled our society
  1. Railroads
  2. Roads
We want to be careful and avoid defining a new and modern railroad standard.
In my humble opinion we should look at defining a road infrastructure.
Let me provide some comparisons:
Roads support many types of vehicles, vendors do not need an expensive locomotive required for railroads. 
Building railroad to each store and home is practically impossible, building roads is a lot easier
Roads provide scalable business opportunities from pizza delivery to trucking
I am passionate about patient doctor interaction and improving efficiency between doctors and patients 
Second comment
I would will try to tie together the insightful ideas and discussion into a recommendation
IOM creates an open source project that will provide an open and continous platform. Invite stake holders to contribute code, connectors, adaptors
An example is Oracle, IBM, Google, Samsung all work together to make Linux an open source operating system 
I will iterate that the project will start to support research like ArpaNet but will quickly evolve into a platform for fulfilling commercially viable value propositions from companies
The IOM does not have to spend a lot of $$. Open source projects can get sponsors from big companies  that will fund an open source platform
I think Google, Oracle and other large companies will see such a project as an entry in to a perceived captive EHR market