This week is super exciting for us. We have a lot going on. Wish us luck !

First we presented to the NQF Action team (LINK to slides). I will be creating a video demo and will post the link.  We very fortunate to be working with people who are focused on make the world a better place.

Second we submitted our round #1 video the Cleveland Clinic NVHC competition. The video is here. The slides are LINK HERE

Third we are presenting at the AARP. Pegah will be setting up the booth and offering our solution to assisted learning centers. See our checklist and product brief for AARP LINK HERE

I am speaking at Connected Health in San Diego at 1pm on Friday.

We are presenting at Stanford’s MedX. We have a device demo on Friday at ~1pm. We have a TechHub presentation at 10:45m on Sunday.

Below is a link to our latest version of our white papers

1. This white paper references 50+ papers to show that increased patient engagement and technology can improve safety and reduce costs

2. Help me help you is a white paper that outlines the vision of using patients and families as a second pair of eyes and ears CMS measures influenced by Doctella are shown in this white paper that maps Doctella questions and things to do with publicly reported CMS measures.