Healthcare of the future will require healthcare professionals to engage patients in partnerships based upon shared decision-making.  Organizations that embrace mobile health technologies that allow for these partnerships will be the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.  Doctella understands the importance of patient engagement and has created a Patient Passport that helps facilitate theses partnerships between patients and their providers. 

Doctella is unique since it is the only technology company to adapt the Passport into a web and mobile platform to make it available to anyone with a web browser or smartphone device.   The Patient Passport is designed to be a communication tool for patients to use with providers at the point of care, to help articulate their needs and preferences.   It effectively maximizes the limited time patient’s have with their physicians by easily communicating these preferences and the patient’s personal history.  The questions included in the passport derive from patients and family members themselves, drawing on their personal experience of what they feel is important for their caregivers to know when planning their care. 

The idea behind the Patient Passport is for patients to think ahead and plan for their hospital stay.  It helps them better communicate their wants and needs to their healthcare team, as well as, plan for their recovery at home.  Doctella created a Patient Passport and made it available to everyone to help start the conversation between the patient and their provider because we believe engaged patients are safer patients.

Recently Doctella was mentioned in an article in The Wall Street Journal.  The author, Laura Landro, discusses Passport Programs and how they are empowering patients to take control of their care and open the lines of communication with their doctors.  To read the full article click here.