Doctella bridges the gap between patients and providers

Sunnyvale, Calif. January 3, 2017., the Smartlist company will be demonstrating its new Smartlist technology at the 2017 Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) in Silicon Valley, California.  Doctella’s Smartlist technology provides customizable, trackable process pathways for patients, families and providers to improve health care outcomes, experience and reduce costs. Doctella’s CEO and Co-Founder, Amer Haider will be a panel speaker for the Medical Devices and IoT: the Bridge to the Phenotype session on January 25, 2017 at 11:30am pacific time.

PMWC is a prominent conference that provides a stage for the exchange of ideas about the latest advances in technology across the healthcare and biotechnology community. PMWC attracts distinguished leaders, elite researchers, medical professionals, and innovators worldwide.  As a panel speaker, Amer Haider will participate in a discussion that explores personalized medicine within medical technology devices.

Doctella’s new interactive checklists or “Smartlists” are setting a new standard in care. To learn more about Doctella’s Smartchecklist technology visit our website at or setup a private demonstration with the Doctella team by contacting Mary Lodenkemper at

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About Doctella:
Doctella helps providers and payers improve health care outcomes while reducing cost. The company has developed a web and mobile-based platform that engages patients and families in their own healthcare through digital checklists that are called “Smartlists”. Doctella was founded by leading researchers from Johns Hopkins, and the platform was developed based on the seminal research of one of the co-founders, Peter Pronovost, who is a leading expert in the field of patient safety and quality of healthcare. The science supporting Smartlists was recently published in a NEJM Catalyst article. The company’s technology platform powers the recently launched Krames Health Engagement Platform which is being introduced at several major health centers across the country. For more information about Doctella, please visit

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