Doctella understands that true patient engagement puts the patient first.

Sunnyvale, Calif. November 7, 2016., a web and mobile-based platform will be demonstrating its new design for patient-centered outcomes management at the 2016 Launch Scale Festival in San Francisco, California. Doctella is at the forefront of true patient engagement by providing patients with a voice in their own health care. Doctella’s CEO and Co-Founder, Amer Haider, will be unveiling the new Smartlist framework designed from the patient perspective.

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True patient engagement starts with putting the patient first. Doctella has created their new solution around this core idea. That’s why it works.  Developed by patient-safety experts at Johns Hopkins, Doctella is the first web and mobile-based platform to bridge the gap between the patient-physician interaction. Doctella provides doctors with an effective way to give patients the information they need and it empowers patients by putting them back at the center of their care. Doctella Smartlists is an effective communication tool that providers can create, manage, update and customize for each patient so that they can receive the exact care for their specific needs.

Doctella will be demonstrating its solution at the Launch Scale Festival. To setup a private demonstration and meeting please contact Mary Lodenkemper at

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About Doctella: by Patient Doctor Technologies, Inc., the Smartlist Company, based in Silicon Valley provides a comprehensive patient-centered outcomes management platform to improve the culture, communication, and engagement between patients, families, and providers. Doctella was founded by Amer Haider, Dr. Peter Pronovost, and Dr. Adil Haider. The app was developed by leading researchers from Johns Hopkins and at other leading institutions. Staywell Krames in an investor in Patient Doctor Technologies, Inc. Start your journey to better, safer care at

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