September 30, 2014

September 30, 2014 – Patient Doctor Technologies Inc has entered its game-changing patient engagement platform, Doctella, to renowned Harvard Innovation Lab’s President’s Challenge 2015. The Challenge invites thinkers and inventers to enter five categories, including affordable health, which Doctella revolutionizes through patient engagement, enhancing the patient-doctor relationship, and improving patient safety. Doctella provides procedure specific checklists to patients making them powerful partners in their care. Doctella eTools activate patients to help them work with their healthcare team to improve quality and safety.
Visit the Doctella page in the Harvard Challenge and cast your applause for this exciting innovation in patient-centered medicine:
About Patient Doctor Technologies Inc.
A startup founded by leading doctors from Johns Hopkins, technology experts from the Silicon Valley, public health experts, and patient advocates, Patient Doctor Technologies Inc is dedicated to improving patient care and ensuring all patients receive better, safer medical care.