Doctella App available in the Epic App Orchard for Remote Patient Monitoring.

Supports CPT Code 99091


Every day millions of patients measure their weight, steps, heart rate, blood pressure and report symptoms using their personal devices. Doctella harnesses this power of consumer wearable data for providers to improve outcomes, patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions and costs.

Doctella is the most economical and feature-rich cloud-based RPM solution that includes patient engagement & education. Doctella is the only solution that continuously monitors patient’s vitals using consumer wearables and/or medical grade devices. Doctella uniquely offers the ability to use intelligent CarePrograms that apply clinical prescribed thresholds to patient vitals. If a threshold is exceeded CarePrograms can gather patient-reported symptoms and deliver timely interventions to the patient and notify the care team and family caregivers.  This gives providers a simple graph of patient-generated health data combined with patient-reported symptoms which are easily accessible using the Doctella Epic AppOrchard App.

Reimbursement for RPM: Starting Jan 1, 2018 physicians can get reimbursement from CMS for offering RPM services to eligible Medicare patients using CPT 99091. Furthermore, physicians and practices using RPM can gain credit towards earning Quality Payment Program incentives. Doctella helps providers meet CPT 99091 requirements.


  • Automatically captures data from  hundreds of consumer wearables via iOS or Android devices
  • Supports data from medical grade devices via cloud,  APIs
  • Offers Apple CareKit UI/UX for superior patient experience
  • Continuously monitors patients with clinically prescribe thresholds and delivers digital interventions
  • EMR integration via Epic App Orchard, SMART on FHIR or standalone
  • HIPPA compliant patient-centered security manages liability around sharing data with family caregivers and consent
  • Detailed auditable time recording for billing and compliance
  • Complete turnkey solution
  • Hundreds of CareProgram templates




  • Patients get superior service from their providers with continuous clinical monitoring
  • Care teams get increased visibility into remotely monitored vitals, trends, compliance, education, and engagement that improves care and reduces costs

Expected Outcomes:

  • Decrease readmission rates
  • Increase staff and patient satisfaction
  • Increase patient compliance, adherence, etc.
  • Decrease complications with early intervention and ability to manage comorbidities with customized pathways
  • Improve staff efficiency and save time
  • Empower family caregivers to improve outcomes

To get started please contact your hospital’s Epic representative. Your Epic representative will direct you on how to get the Doctella App.


For more information about Doctella please visit