Recent Updates Include:

  • New user interface
  • Advanced dashboard to give you insights and track your patient
  • New capabilities for creating and editing a page

New User Interface

Doctella’s sleek new user interface is both visually appealing and functional. Each homepage now has a clean layout, customizable banner photo, links, colors and information.

New procedure Smartlists contain an interactive calendar for to-do items so that patients can more effectively manage their to-do lists. Furthermore, simplified view and a single “Start” button ensures that patients can quickly and easily access education.

New lightning box layout makes it easy to go through information. New navigational items help tell patients where they are in the process at the beginning and end of each section.

There are a number of new item types available to widen your capabilities. You are no longer restricted to educating via simple question and answer. Using different item types, not only can you educate, but you can capture patient responses or build responsive decision pathways to deliver salient information at opportune times.

New Insights Dashboard

Completely customizable dashboards allows you to track overall patient progress and show you only the information that you care about. Furthermore, you may now add “labels” to specific Smartlist items, which will allow you to filter to only the most important items that can cancel surgeries, cause preventable errors, cause readmissions, etc. You can now keep a careful eye on your patients when they are outside of the office to make sure they are progressing as they should through the care journey. Receive email alerts if a patient needs attention and streamline your workflow.

Access further insights by looking into patient progress and activity. If they require attention, see what action you need to take here. Furthermore, see patient responses to questions, recent activity and engagement, and maintain records.

New Creation and Editing Capabilities

Creating a page or Smartlist of your own is easier than ever! Simply click a button, register a domain and get started!

After you create a page, create Smartlists for welcome lists, procedures, general information, surveys and questionnaires, information capture, protocol alerts, media hosting, and more.

Revamped power editing allows you to virtually create your own page and take control of your content without any technical coding knowledge.

If you would like a demo or more information, please email If you would like to create your own page, simply visit and click “Create a Smartlist.”