The Co-founders built Doctella from the ground-up with the mindset of always keeping the patient at the center of their care.  As a leader in patient engagement solutions our Smartlist Technology is setting a new standard for patient care by providing patients and families with a voice and making communication and coordination with healthcare providers a breeze. We have added some zest to Doctella with newly invented technologies and advanced features. Below are some of the innovations and differentiations of our solution.

  1. Family involvement is critical to improve patient adherence across the continuum of care. Today involving patient’s family and friends is unpractical because hospitals cannot afford the extra liability and effort required to share actionable data with family and friends. Doctella solves this problem with its unique Smartlists and patient-centered security solution. With Doctella, patients own their data by encrypting the data using their own credentials which gives them their ownership. Once patients have control of their data they can do whatever they want with it, including revoking it, without any ramification from the hospital. Doctella has a patent pending on the technology behind this feature.
  2. Today there is no interoperable way to codify patient education, instructions, to dos or other provider recommendations. Doctella’s Smartlist technology and content framework allows providers to codify intelligent pathways that address all aspects of the patient journey into one interoperable format:  Smartlists.  Doctella has made Smartlists an open framework so anyone can create and publish one.
  3. Patients are easily confused with health care providers expectations due to patient care actions being chaotic and disorganized. There are too many fragmented educational flyers, brochures, scribbled writing and verbal instructions for patients to really understand their conditions and grasp what they really need to do daily. Doctella solves this problem with one simple and unique framework that combines all of this information into one Smartlist that is prescribed to the patient from their provider. An easy solution everyone can appreciate.