Do you want to provide consistent, personalized, and reliable information to your patients? Do you want to be there for your patients after they leave your office? Do you want to provide your patients peace of mind as they prepare for an upcoming procedure and improve outcomes?

Doctella’s Digital Health Studio enables healthcare providers, case managers, pharmacists and so many more health professionals to build customized CarePrograms to achieve all of the above. CarePrograms empower patients by delivering best practices/guidelines, reminders, education, surveys, and digital health interventions.

How do we know Doctella can provide the experience for and the relationship you want with your patients? Check out what we discovered after analyzing data from the first 5 months of 2017…

  • 75% of patients who received a CareProgram from their healthcare provider created a Doctella account compared to the usual EMR or patient gateway adoption rate of 5-20%;
  • Of patients that did log in, they were highly engaged spending an average of 17 minutes interacting with their CareProgram;
  • Patients who underwent a more complex procedure like colorectal cancer surgery spent 30-40 minutes reviewing educational content to ensure they were ready for surgery;
  • Patients visit their CareProgram often, logging on 2-3 times including a few days before surgery, the day before surgery, and then shortly after discharge.

To view more Doctella usage data, check out this infographic.

If you’d like to learn more about how Doctella can help you improve the relationship you have with your patients, please email To create your very own CareProgram in just 10 minutes, click here.