I visited The Johns Hopkins Hospital recently and had to stop by to see the famous Jesus statue.  This statue is known as the “Divine Healer” or “Christ the Consoler.”  The marble Jesus stands at ten feet tall with his arms wide open, in a welcoming gesture, to all that pass through the lobby of the domed Billings Administration Building.  Throughout the years, Johns Hopkins employees have rubbed the statue’s toes in passing, and patients often pray before it.  Those that visit are commonly seeking spiritual healing. 

The Jesus statue has become a symbol of compassion and hope.  While many people come for prayer, others write personal thoughts to Jesus in the two diaries provided by the hospital.  These diaries are open to the public both for contributing and for taking note of the contributions of others.

I took a picture of a passage that resonated with me. One person wrote, Dear  God, You know what I need-please keep strong-communication with surgeon. Thank you for all you bless us with. Reading this entry reminded me of the importance of doctor-patient communication. Communication is a very important part of getting the best possible treatment.  This entry validated all the hard work we have put into our company,Doctella.  Doctella.com provides a way to open lines of communication with your physician through shared decision-making.  It also empowers patients to be their own safety advocate! 

Patients, families and physicians can learn more about us by visiting our website at www.Doctella.com

-Amer Haider, CEO & Co-Founder